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how do I book a session?

Very simply - you can email me at bridgewaterphotography@outlook.com, call me on 07913213299 or use the contact form on my contact page. Let me know which session you want to book, where you are in the country and what date you are looking for.

Where are you based?

I am a West Midlands based Photographer. I am happy to travel to your location if the travel cost is covered. 

Where do the outdoor photo shoots take place?

I have a number of locations I can recommend but if you & your kids have a favourite place the we can head there. If your garden is big enough then that will do just fine.

What should we wear for a family shoot outdoors?

Weather appropriate clothing is obviously a good idea. February can be reasonable to wear more summery clothes. Whatever you would wear for playing with the kids in the park is best. If the weather is a bit on the wet side then waterproofs are a great idea.

Where will our studio shoot take place?

If you have a clear floor space 3m x 2m in your home I can set up my mobile studio. For the little one’s this means that they are not taken out of their home environment, all their favourite toys are to hand & consequently we are much less likely to have unhappy faces due to them feeling stressed. If you don't have the space at home we can book a studio at an additional cost.

When is the best time to book my Maternity shoot?

 For most women, this is between weeks 28-34 of their pregnancy, or months 7 to 8.  In your last month or so of pregnancy, swelling and puffiness sets in, and moving around can be quite the chore.  Maternity photography involves multiple outfit changes, and posing, and these become an aerobic activity when you are carrying a little one inside, so it is best to do your session early, before practice contractions (Braxton Hicks) become a regular part of your day.

Expecting more than one baby?

Mamas of multiples often go on mandatory bed rest by 24 weeks, so it is best to do your maternity session before that time.

When is the right time to book my New Born photo shoot? 

Book in as soon as you are certain you would like to book. Many parents book in just after there 20 week scan. This ensures a place in my diary close to your due date. If your baby is already here and you have not booked. Please get in touch to see if I have any availability. Sessions should ideally take place when baby is under 14 days old. However do not despair if you have a baby a little older than this and you have only just discovered the art of newborn photography. I have posed babies up to 10 weeks with success and am quite well known for photographing older babies.