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Adapting the photo shoot to create the results customers want

With every photo shoot I plan the photographs around what the customer is wanting to succeed from their session. I have customers that love the work I create and let me get creative with the photo shoot but some customers would have seen a specific style they want to recreate. I always put my own creative spin on every photo shoot not just thinking about the theme but also the lighting, camera settings and the special editing I will use for the end result of the photograph. A lot of comments that I get from happy customers is how the photographs don't always look the same and they all have a unique look. These photographs shown were from the Autumn photo shoot I had posted about Edith and how to make the photo shoot fun in the previous blog post. On this photo shoot the family wanted only one or two photographs in Christmas props to send out as gifts in December. We looked around the location to find a Christmas feel setting. Playing with the location and the area on a photo shoot is always a good idea to create a range of different setting photographs. We was able to create a less Autumn themed photo and one that fits a Christmas theme. I tailored their package to suit exactly what they were looking for. On the photograph I edited the tree to bring the fern branches down longer, this created an arch effect around the subjects. I also edited the photographs to look cooler to give that cold winter feel.

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