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Uber Eats Shoot - Bengal Kebab King, Coventry

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I captured food at the take away called Bengal Kebab King in Coventry. The photographs were to be used on the Uber Eats website. We scheduled the shoot so it was in the evening at 6 pm. I made sure that I had my soft box to use in the photo shoots. The shop, being a take away with just a small benched area meant I I had to shoot the food from the shop mat. From the editing you wouldn't have thought it was taken from the shop mat by looking at the image. I used the wooden benched area to capture the single shots of the dishes. The shop is a great take away, the food was carefully thought out for the shoot and the manager was great to work with. Make sure you check out their Onion Bhaji's, they are delicious! They also make mixed grills, burgers, chips and plenty more food choices.

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