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Branding & Product Photography for Kasiki Island

This was a fun project, I was asked to create branding content for the owner of Kasiki Island, we worked together to explore locations and ideas for the shoots. Raul wanted the portraits to reflect his link with old soul music as it is a massive inspiration towards him and the Kasiki Island products. We shot a range of portraits at Birminghams oldest record shop, a location that holds so much history. It was wonderful being able to work with so many diverse backdrops on the photo shoot. That is the wonders of location photography because as you move around one location you can capture a completly different photograph to the last. We was so lucky to have been able to shoot at the shop. I then worked closely with Raul to capture his Kasiki Island products at my studio in Birmingham, UK. Working closely with Raul I created photographs that could reprsent him and his creative brand.

"Donna is an amazing professional. I had a photo session for my brand with her and it was everything that I expected, she showed up on time and was just as excited for the project as I was. She e even took the inventory to her home to make product shots. Can’t wait to work with her again!"

Here are some of the images:

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