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Getting Through This

The past few months I have been connecting with people in the Birmingham community capturing a series of portraits and asking them to open up about their own feelings around Coronavirus and the pandemic and how it has impacted them. The aim of the project is not to just portray negative messages but also positive emotions that can help people to reflect on during these uncertain times.

The project was on the BBC website and social media platforms this weekend, please take the time and check out the write up by John Bray.


I was inspired to carry out this project when I kept hearing how more people have been impacted by Covid-19, causing job loses, people being not being able to socialise, leading to suicide or mental health illnesses. This project has been very close to my heart as I lost my Sister in 2019 to suicide, it is a project that I want more people to see in the community but also something I can continue to work on in the future.

My main aim of the project is for people to be able to look at the portraits and read the messages and think that is exactly how I feel or to take a positive message from the photograph to help them get through their day. The portraits will help to remind people that it is ok to not be ok and also that the pandemic that we are living in is also affecting others’ lives and feelings.

Here is a video of me explaining the project.

I am very excited to see where the project goes, my mission is for more and more people to see the powerful messages and feelings people have expressed to help through these uncertain times.

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