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How to structure a photoshoot when photographing models & jewellery!

As a photographer I like to be prepared for photo shoots, before every session I always make sure that there is some kind of plan in place. This can be from the layout of the photo shoot for the day or how many hours the photo shoot is booked. This plan includes photographs of the location, photo ideas so I make sure the customer is receiving exactly what they are looking for, the plan can also include things like outfits or posing ideas.

So when I do a photo shoot with Just Rocks & Coral jewellery we always make sure that the plan we have created for the photo shoot is shared with the models that will be attending the shoot, this is normally through a WhatsApp group. A group is a great way to keep in touch especially if people are trying to find a location. The communication before any photo shoot is really important.

(1) Firstly when I arrive I will take out my equipment and get prepared but also go through the plan with the customer. I absolutely love working with Just Rocks & Coral, especially when we see the outcome of the jewellery in photographs worn by the models.

(2) We all greet and make sure everyone is aware of the plan for the photo shoot and also that everyone is happy.

(3) Whilst the make up artist is preparing the first model the second model is normally getting ready for the photo shoot.

(4) Whilst all the models are preparing I will set up the location ready for the photo shoot this is either preparing the backdrop or lighting ready or if we are working on location I will search around for the best lit rooms/area to work with first as the sun moves around throughout the day. I absolutely love working in natural light and I feel it really makes the jewellery stand out beautifully.

(5) The model is ready for the photo shoot and so we go through the poses that really enhance the jewellery that is worn by the model. Throughout the photo shoot we will keep making sure that the jewellery is perfectly positioned for the shots. During the photo shoot I will direct and show examples to the model of the poses they can do.

(6) The models then swap around and I either stay in the same spot if we are using a backdrop or if we are on location I may move around but this depends on the outcome of what the customer wants the images to look like. I will direct the best positions for the models to be photographed and test the lighting.

(7) When the second model is prepared and ready the first model will use the time to have any changes to the make up or touch ups or they may be changing their outfits. With the second model I will continue the process of making sure they are comfortable, helping direct poses and also make sure that the jewellery looks perfect.

This rotation will continue for the rest of the photo shoot depending on how long the photo shoot is booked. At the Just Rock & Coral jewellery photo shoots there has been from 2-3 models per shoot.

As a photographer I always want to make sure the photographs I capture are to high standards and what the customer is looking for. On the day of the photo shoot I don't just take photographs but I also support the models with their poses or help to put the jewellery on to the models or adjust the pieces of jewellery so they are perfect for the photographs.

Thank you for reading!

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Great post, will implement your tips in my next shoot! I also like to make moodboards/vision boards before the shoot on Pinterest. Wanted to share that I’ve personally used modeling agencies like IMG and Ford in the past when booking models, which are always great. However, I was looking for somewhere where I didn’t have to talk on the phone directly with agencies all the time. I found and now use this app called AGENT to book models. I love the AGENT app because I am able to book the model I want directly through the app so it was very convenient and also saved me money. Hope this helps. xx

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