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Photography for Clarendon House Care Home

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I worked with Clarendon House to create a range of photographs that showed viewers a true representation of the home and the care that they offer to their residences. It was such a beautiful and comfortable environment, such a fun place too for the residences. I absolutely loved taking photographs at the care home, it was such an honour for them to book Bridgewater Photography. The staff plus residences were amazing throughout the day, I can't wait to work with them again in the future! Unfortunately I am not able to share the photographs due to them showing the residences, you can read the review above.

Clarendon House is a lovely care home in Coventry, I loved creating their marketing photography on the day. I worked with the home to create a plan for the photography service. I visited the home to see exactly what they wanted for the day. It was a great chance for me to see the areas and rooms that they wanted to be captured but also another great chance to meet everyone and also view the lighting at the home. I walked around with the managers to see the areas that they wanted to capture in particular. After our meeting I went away and created a plan of different ideas and they also shared their own thoughts for the day. I came up with a fantastic plan for the day with the managers. This would be by capturing a range of photographs of the residences relaxing at the home and taking part in activities like listening to music, painting nails, working on puzzles, showing the social room and capturing a resident in their room relaxing. In the photographs I captured a diverse range of natural behind the scenes images that show how comfortable the environment is but also the interaction that takes place between the residences and the staff. For me I loved every minute and it was great to hear that the staff and residents also had lots of fun on the day!

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