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Planning your Maternity photo shoot

I thought I would do a little blog on Maternity Photography as I have recently had questions and enquiries in regards to these shoots.

When would be the best time to book?

I recommend booking 28 weeks to 36 weeks in to your pregnancy, at this time you will have a nice rounded bump.

It is best to book the shoot in advance to prepare for the photo shoot as some customers like to think about their outfit and the style of the photo shoot in preference to what they like.

At Bridgewater Photography as part of the photo shoot packages there is the choice of a plan. In the plan we think of everything from the outfit, to the style of photography you like and have seen, locations where the photo shoot will take place, poses, this can even be down to hair styles and accessories. A plan may not be what you want and so for some people they prefer to book the photo shoot and just go with the flow on the day.

This depends again on your preference and what you feel comfortable doing. A spring/summer baby means you can work with the beautiful weather. If it is outdoors we will have to look at a location that is safe for you to walk around. If you have a winter baby we can still capture beautiful maternity photos but you have to make sure you wrap up.

There is the studio style photographs which can be captured in the comfort of your own home or it can take place at an outdoor location of your choice but I work with customers to explore the options locally.

On every photo shoot I make sure the customer feels comfortable but also to make sure they get exactly what they are looking for, every photograph will look different and I will support with poses in connection with what you like.

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