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Product Photography with Just Rocks & Coral over the years

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Photographing jewellery on models helps potential customers to view what the products like like more realistically. It enhances the customer to purchase the product but also when it is professionally photographed it shows how beautiful it looks when it is being worn. I have worked with the jewellery company Just Rocks & Coral for a few years now. Irene makes beautiful hand made jewellery, they are absolutely stunning. The products range from chunky beads, stunning silver to beautiful pearls.

I met Irene in 2016, this was before Bridgewater Photography was a business. We collaborated on a photo a fashion photo shoot with Sosome, at the time Irene was providing her stunning jewellery for the models to wear on the photo shoot and I was the Photographer. Since then over the years we have been working together to capture Irene's beautiful jewellery.

The first time I worked with Just Rocks & Coral

London, 2016

Over the years I have continued to work with Irene to help capture photographs of her jewellery which is worn by models. After years of photographing the jewellery on models I truly believe it gives the product a better vision of what they look like when they are worn against the skin. I photograph the jewellery as the models wear the items, capturing a range of different shots, angles and close up to show the detail of each of the products. The final edited photographs are used for the Just Rocks & Coral website and social media platforms. I absolutely love traveling to London and working on themed projects to make sure that the images I capture match exactly what Irene wants to get from the photo shoot she has booked. Listening to the customer is very important and also the sharing of ideas.

Review from Irene: "Donna is a brilliant photographer, I love working with her and cannot wait for our next photoshoot! Highly recommend Donna "

Look out for next weeks blog as I will talk through the process of how we work on our photo shoots and the structure.

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