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Recent 'Getting Through This' published articles

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Thank you so much for the continuous support with the project 'Getting Through This'

A project that has been documenting peoples feelings in Birmingham, West Midlands. I hope this is a project I can take to different places around the West Midlands and the UK.

Here are the recent published articles by Amateur Photographer and PetaPixel.

All of the journalist I have been in contact with along the way have been absolutely fantastic, thank you for the support! After recently talking to Anete who did the interview for PetaPixel and also some other people, they have expressed about how the project would work well as a touring exhibition. In the future I would love for the work to be print and on show for people to see and to give a little happiness to others.

It has been fantastic to see the project is getting a lot of engagement from people worldwide. Varying from USA, Budapest, Paris to Mexico. I feel the project is finally reaching more and more people but I will still continue on gathering messages and continuing this project. Feel free to check the recent interviews out by visiting the links below:


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