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Creating fun on an Autumn photo shoot

For an Autumn photo shoot it is important to find a location with beautiful colours. I always make sure that the location is within reasonable distance of the customers home especially when they have children as it makes their journey easier. This was my favourite Autumn photo shoot as it was booked towards the middle of November. The colours of the leaves were beautiful at this time. On this photo shoot I made sure that Edith had a lot of fun, the customers mainly wanted photographs of their beautiful little girl. I made sure that I interacted with Edith through the photo shoot. We made it extra fun and searched for her favourite leaf or tree at the location. Edith especially loved Mum and Dad throwing the leaves behind her which was very fun. Having the engagement on the photo shoot makes it even more fun both the children and the adults. The customers loved their photographs and the time that they had on their photo shoot. By the way this beautiful location is Memorial Park in Coventry, make sure to check out the beautiful Autumn colours in 2021.

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